Hip Hop Duo

Hometown: Jersey City, NJ
Current Town: Jersey City, NJ

"Growing up in my part of jersey was rough and difficult at times, but through all the test jersey city has put me through , it taught me how to be a man. There's no positives if there never were negatives and Jersey City has a little bit of everything. I wasn't sure why it was called chill town till I grew a lil older . I realized this city will humble you and by the time you come out of it you will be able to conquer anything. Jersey city is full of different cultures which is why it has so much life. It's definitely a reason I go harder with everything I do in my everyday struggles and with music . Jersey runs through my blood." -Petey

"Jersey City is like the best of both worlds. Like really, lots of bad and lots of good. I'm my life personally I may feel like there's been a lot of bad. But hey pain makes beauty. So growing up in this city helped me appreciate the little things. Every part of Jersey City is filled with art whether its music, visual art, theater, dance. I guess that was my drive. You're from a town filled with art GET INVOLVED! And that's what I did. The name Chilltown, can represent everyone from here in a way. I love where I'm from. Jersey City has character and so do I. Jerzzz!" -Kraze