Chilltown’s Leaders of Tomorrow

Chilltown Collective x County Prep High School Collaboration



Introducing: #ChilltownLOT

The doorstep to discovering your true passion roots from the opportunities you are granted. For students, high school plays an important role in shaping the person you are. These significant four years are where possibilities are made a reality. With a variety of choices at your fingertips, you are able to explore and experience new things which lead to a better sense of self. Recognizing what you love to do will uncover what you’d like to pursue in the future. Chilltown Collective, an exclusive brand holding a unique purpose, aims to build with students through experience in Event Coordinating and Project Management by building their Leadership Skills. In collaboration with County Prep High School, Chilltown Collective provides teenagers and student from all years (freshman-senior class) the ability to learn and engage in how this local brand developed into what it has become today, by staying true to their roots (#KnowYourRoots) and doing what they love. This lifestyle apparel line and events company intend to provide a supportive platform for other artists who are passionate about their craft, as they are. Focusing on real-life skills and teaching the process of developing an idea into a concrete project, exposes the youth to what they will experience later on in life. Building relations with a core team, working together with a wide array of people, and emerging yourself in a new environment will help these students build their character. With this special opportunity, their four-years in high school will be even more engaging.

Chilltown Collective has been in close collaboration with County Prep High School’s Student Council since 2015. Within this window of time, they have accomplished a great amount of successful events and produced a substantial amount of apparel. Some, in particular, include the annual High School Basketball and Volleyball Tournament. Stirring up school spirit within the student body, Chilltown Collective works hand in hand with teens in organization of the game and production of player jerseys. Aiming to reach students in a new way, the proposal of the “Chilltown x County Prep Internship” allows teens the opportunity of gaining experience in event coordinating, project management, and developing leadership skills. A mixture of designers, media artists, writers and more are called together to execute well-developed plans formed by the students themselves. This includes out of school and in-school events, networking relationships, and contribution to outside Chilltown affiliates. Perfect for students who want to expand their high school experience, Chilltown provides a unique opportunity you are unable to obtain elsewhere.


Congrats and welcome to The Lot Brihana, Jahn, Karishma, Mario, Sarena, Shana-Mae, Erika, Laura, James, Kate, Joshua, Fabian and Kabir.

Words by Laura Lindo, County Prep High School C/O 2018

Captured by James Luistro, County Prep High School C/O 2018