Scatta : Bryson Tiller - Right My Wrongs (scatta refix)

For the tracks in the Know Your Roots video, which is classified as the genre Chicago juke / footwork, we teamed up with local DJs/producers Scatta, who is also one half of The Heights with Los, and Dispondent.

Richard Amezquita, aka “Scatta”, defines his artistry as a DJ/Producer in the realms of Jersey Club and Chicago Juke. Growing up in Jersey City, NJ, Scatta extracts his influences from an iconic collection of local Jersey City DJ’s such as DJ 007 and DJ Nel E Nel, along with the sounds of DJ Tameil and Nadus from the neighboring city of Newark. The passion that exists in Scatta’s mastery is a direct correlation between experiential talent and fruitful relationships. Blessed with the opportunity to connect with DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn, and furthermore, building with Rashad’s [Teklife] camp in Chicago and California (Juke Bounce Werk) – Scatta has not only been exposed to the arts of great DJ’s but successfully implements the essence that gravitates around him. From the asphalt of JC to the eccentric vibes of 285 Kent, Scatta is the embodiment of strong creative direction.

 "We are influenced by the resources and diverse cultures the major cities around us have to offer but we're a bit more relaxed out here, which I believe is where the nickname, 'Chilltown' comes from. It's a special time right now too, because the city is changing and we can all leave our imprint on it."

— Scatta, DJ/Producer/Multimedia Artist | Colgate Kids