Kevlove : Best Of 2015

The aesthetic and vision behind Chilltown is heavily influenced by the urban culture we know and live by. To wrap things up for the year, we teamed up with DJ talent Kevlove to bring you the best music tracks of 2015. Stream the "Best Of 2015" mix below or download by clicking on the cover art on Kevlove's website >> here <<.

In sync with the bubbling pulse of art, food, nightlife, and live entertainment, attracting a surge of the young, hip, cultured, and diverse, Kevlove stands at the forefront of Jersey City's new frontier. His foundation is influenced by a musical household with family functions fueled by performance and live jam sessions to a precociously curious and overactive appetite for sound. Shaped by local Jersey City mix tapes traded among friends on to the boundlessness of the open format DJ playlist allowing everything from funk, soul, disco, 80s pop and rock, and 90s throwbacks to be mixed against the low-end, pulsating beats of hip-hop, house, club, and remix genre du jour, Kevlove became a disciple of party-rocking stylings of DJ AM, Jazzy Jeff, and The Rub DJs, taking notes from their all-inclusive and turntable technical approach to music. His tricks of the trade are his expansive crates running the gamut of party favorites such as hip-hop, R&B, funk, soul, house, Latin, and Caribbean on to the more experimental, emerging sounds of Jersey club, twerk, nudisco, deep house, and future bass. 

I was always exposed to different scenes and crowds, which gave me the opportunity to delve into people’s musical taste. Music to me has always been a reflection of personality and lifestyle and I’m blessed to have gravitated towards the right people. I’ve made great friends who share the same musical interest and learned about new music through them as well. I’ve lived special moments and traveled to cool places, all because of music. It’s honestly what keeps me moving. Everyone is affected by music in a special way and I’m grateful to say that I do this for a living.