AJe Ft. Seis The 6th Element - Chilltown Collective

The highlight of my life is music. I love to listen to it, write it, record and perform it. Growing up in a city with one of the highest crime rates in the United States would usually corrupt a kid like me, but I will not conform. I found a way around the drugs, alcohol, gangs, guns and murder that line my environment. It was Hip-Hop. In the music that the world believes to be the basis of all those negative attributes, I found a safe house. I can let out all my emotions, all my happiness, sadness, anger, ideas, anything! I always believed I was meant for more than the regular life. I was always a star and now I could shine. When I write, I speak of myself, my experiences, things I’ve witnessed, events around me and I rep Jersey City as much as possible. I gotta’ help put us on the map. A few years after I started rapping, I was picked up by a management company called (Qmusiq). They have been helping me record my demos, albums, mix tapes and setting me up with shows around the Tri-State Area. I am a winner at Amateur Night at the Apollo in Harlem and have fans all over the world. I now own my own management company and studio (Jersey Cidiots). I hope to further advance my music career, as well as give other great talent from Jersey City a chance to get their foot in the door. Hopefully, I’ll get noticed and picked up by a big name record label, so I can turn the sound of gun shots echoing in my back yard, into the sound of a roaring crowd.
— AJe, Rapper | Colgate Kids